Investor Relations

Officers & Directors

Officers & Directors

Executive Officers of ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.

Frank S. Sorrentino III
Chairman & CEO
Chairman & CEO
William S. Burns
Executive Vice President/CFO
Laura Criscione
Executive Vice President/Corporate Secretary

Board of Directors

Frank W. Baier
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Continental Grain
Stephen T. Boswell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Boswell Engineering
Alexander A. Bol
Bol Architecture
Harold A. Schechter
Financial Consultant
Nicholas Minoia
Managing Partner
Diversified Realty Advisors, LLC
Frederick S. Fish
Managing Member & Co-Founder
Treeco Centers
William A. Thompson
Vice President, Thompson & Co. (Auto Parts Distributor)
Frank Huttle III
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Hudson Media Inc.
Of counsel to the firm of
DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP
Michael W. Kempner
President and Chief Executive Officer
MWW Group
Joseph C. Parisi Jr.
Chairman & President
Otterstedt Insurance Agency;
Mayor, Borough of Englewood Cliffs
Frank S. Sorrentino III
Chairman & CEO